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Berlin | Unter Den Linden

Berlin is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, because seemingly everything is quiet and calm but its history of Berlin is full of crazy stories. Like for example the story about the avenue Unter den Linden.

Unter den Linden Avenue on a summer day
The avenue on which kings marched

Unter den Linden in English "Under the Lime Trees" is an avenue that served as the historic center of Berlin and in the second half of the twentieth century also as the center of East Berlin. The important museums, theaters, government buildings and churches in the city were built from the 18th century to the 20th century.

Unter den Linden, located in the heart of the historic part of Berlin, developed from a 16th century trail that led to the hunting grounds in Tiergarten, until the 19th century when Berlin grew and expanded and became the most famous and largest boulevard in Berlin.

In 1851, the famous riding statue of King Friedrich the Great was erected in the center of the boulevard, designed by the artist Christian Daniel Rauch. During world War 2, most of the trees were cut down for heating. Today's trees were replanted in the 1950s.

In the 1920s, the intersection of Unter den Linden and Friedrichstrasse (now the prestigious shopping street of Berlin) was the center of nightlife, entertainment and culture in the city. The area was damaged during the bombings of Berlin during World War 2, but was renovated during and after the communist era.

Today, Unter den Linden Avenue is once again serving as the main center of cultural and political life in the city.

Unter den Linden Avenue stretches from the Brandenburg Gate, all the way to the Museum Island and the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral).

So next time you visiting Berlin, do not forget to take a walk or stop for a coffee on Unter den Linden Avenue. The avenue on which kings walked.

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