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The best Clubs in Berlin
The complete guide

Berlin is the city when it comes to the club scene, and it is considered the "best party city in Europe" because it leaves dust for some serious competitors all over the world. From techno music identified with the city, to parties on the banks of the Spree River, to parties in abandoned buildings, Berlin offers a crazy atmosphere where the hottest clubs in town look and feel like one big hallucination.

Berlin, where poorness is all the rage and homeless chic is the new heroin chic, gives us an insight into a world that is all freedom. Costumes are commonplace here, and some would say they are a must if you want to get into hot clubs. The parties, which usually last several days in a row (from Saturday to Monday morning), offer an experience that only those with taste will understand.

What began as a small scene of people on the fringes of society has developed into a pilgrim hotspot frequented by around four million tourists who come to Berlin for the nightlife.



The Berghein Club is the best known on the list in front of you, with winning the award for the best club in the world, there is no doubt that this is a real institution. The club is located near the Berlin Wall, is characterized by its huge dimensions and contains up to about 1,500 people. Everything in it is accurate: from the queue at the entrance, which is conducted in perfect order to the minimal interior design. Instead of several plazas that open their gates from Saturday evening until two in the morning in a row. It is not easy to pass the selection and even after hours of waiting in line, there is no guarantee that you will enter the club, what you look like is the name of the game, you have to dress up and big! The best DJs in the world are responsible for the music and the music is of course techno and house.


Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin

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Tresor Berlin

Tresor is the largest and most respectable techno club in Berlin. History basically began with the creation of the city's club scene, immediately after the unification of Germany. They started as a record label called Interfish at Ufo, which was the original center of the house and techno in Berlin. After closing, the Treasury team thought it would be a good idea to set up their own club. Their timing was perfect and they quickly became a popular place that attracted many people . Berlin's best DJs have started their careers on the Tresor label. The building and its neglected character are reminiscent of a horror movie: it has several dance halls with constant music, dark red corners, a huge outdoor space, and of course, a sound and acoustic system that is a waste of time. Inside you will find a very good mix of different types of people who just want to dance the night away and all night. Great place to meet some new friends. So if you are passing through the city you should definitely check out this legend called - Tresor.


Address: Kopenicker Strasse 70 10179 Berlin Mitte 
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Telephone: 030 69537731 
Price: 2 - 10 Euros



The club is located in the fashionable Kreuzberg neighborhood, and is located close to the Spree River. The club has two floors: the first floor contains an enclosed space with windows from floor to ceiling, which gives a feeling of sailing in the river. In addition, the place has a thin outside where you can go out in the summer. On the second floor there is another dance floor with an impressive lighting system. The music is in the techno, electro, house and minimal style and is done intelligently, along with the use of some of the most advanced sound systems in the world. The place is open from the middle of the week until the end.


Falckensteinstr. 49, 10997 Berlin

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Week-end Roof - Berlin.jpg


The club located on the 15th floor of a skyscraper in Alexander Platz and especially famous for the round of DJs playing there. The music on the weekends is techno and house.

Credit card will not be accepted so please bring cash if you do not want to stay thirsty all evening.

Weekend Roof Berlin

Alexanderplatz 5,10178 Berlin

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Soda Club

For those who are looking to dance in Berlin and not just to the sounds of techno emanating from all sides, the Soda Club is just for him.
The Soda Club works through the weekend Thursday - Sunday.
Thursdays are salsa nights, Fridays and Saturdays hip-hop, disco and R&B, Sunday again salsa.
Admission is 7.5 euros and includes free drinks until 01:00.
On Fridays admission to girls is free!

Soda Club

Address: Knaackstraße 97 10435 Berlin

Tel. 0049 30 44 31 5 144

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One of the most popular clubs in Berlin (for the young among us). Its interior space includes two rooms that play techno, electro and house style music - depending on the day. The place is decorated in a Berlin hippie style and full of decorations and graffiti.

Matrix Club

Warschauer Platz 18, 10245 Berlin

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Trust Bar

One of the very popular bars among people who love to see and be seen. The entrance to the place is through a door with a peephole so the entrance is conditional on you being cool urban types. The place provides mostly champagne but also sells beer and serves them in an interesting way when the beer is wrapped in a brown bag which immediately elevates the connotation of the homeless


Neue Promenade 10, 10178 Berlin

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Bar Tausend

The Berlin scene at its best.
All the beauties and beauties, considered and considered come here to drink and show.

Bar Tausend

Schiffbauerdamm 11,10117 Berlin

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Wilden Renate

The Wilden Renate is a club inside an abandoned residential building in the Friedrichshain area. The club has several floors and a large number of rooms that change shape from time to time.

The place has 3 dance floors that create a somewhat theatrical and underground atmosphere.

The place works on Saturdays and Sundays, the music is mostly house and techno-house.

In summer the garden also serves as a dance floor and bar.

Salon Zur Wilde Renate

Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin

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The Sisyphus is located in a former factory in the Lichtenberg area. The club is divided into one large space and two other small ones, decorated in a Berlin style - ruined but accurate. The decorations in the place combine dolls hanging from the ceiling, artificial flowers, disco balls and special shadows. The music is mostly Berlin music, which means a lot of techno, electro and house. The parties take place once every few weeks and the club is not open regularly so it is important to find out when a party takes place.


Hauptstr. 15, 10317 Berlin

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KitKat Club - Party for civilized people

The KitaKat Club is known for its wild parties all over Europe at the moment the KitKat Club only exists virtually. At different places they are still blessed, nevertheless they need "Money". (Just like the whole cultural sector...) If you want to accompany the KitKat idea into the future, become a member of !

In general they are open every Friday, Saturday (with following afterhour) and Sunday.

With a few exceptions each year, there is always a dress code on Friday and Saturday nights, more information about this can be found in the website.

The classic among the events is the Saturday night party "CarneBall Bizarre", the party they are famous and infamous for: An exquisite mix of guests, hilarious hustle and bustle in every (life) situation, exstatic atmosphere and a rocking, partying dance crowd. This night is followed - without interruption - by the Sunday after-hours, which this year still celebrates its 13th anniversary and can justifiably be called the "longest-serving" after-hours in the city. 

KitKat Club

Köpenickerstr. 76, 10179 Berlin - Mitte

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